About The Swatching Sprite

The Swatching Sprite is a blog run by a single author.  I enjoy all aspects of beauty and the beauty community, but my love is centered around nails, polish, and nail art/designs.  I love creating nail art and playing around with my polishes.  I create my designs freehand as well as with image plates.  Some fantastic ones that I have tried are Konad, Bundle Monster, Red Angel, and Mash.  For the most part, all of my manicures are created using nail polish.  Occasionally, I will use acrylic paints.  I’m always looking to try out new techniques and this blog is the perfect place for me to showcase some of my favorite manicures as well as the polishes used to create them! You’re bound to see some “flops” too…  :-)

This blog started out as PixiePolish.blogspot but in October of 2012 we moved to a more permanent “home” at TheSwatchingSprite.com.  If you see any old posts watermarked as the first name, that would be why. :-)

I do have a second blog where I swatch and review other beauty products, all non-nail related. That blog can be found at Sprite’s Vanity Table. There, I cover things like lipsticks, some clothing, perfumes, candles, etc.  Go take a peek, if you like.  You just might find something that catches your interest!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at theswatchingsprite@gmail.com