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Thursday, December 21, 2017

What You Need To Know About Eyebrow Extension Training

Ladies with sparse brows are continually searching for ways to recreate depth and dimension to their brows. Eyebrow extension is a sure way to retain the best look on your eyes without freshening it up daily. It is similar to eyelash extension, which involves applying one strand of synthetic brow hairs directly onto the existing skin or hair. Hair removal is an irreversible process, hence the need to get a professional who has completed the hair extension training and received certification on the same.

1. Eyebrow Extension Training

Eyebrow extensions give a naturalistic look to brows compared to the pencil and powder. It is the ideal solution for people facing sparse brows due to over plucking, hyperthyroidism, and trichotillomania among others. The eyebrow extension requires a short-term or long-term level of training and expertise to become proficient in it. The training involves both theory work and hands-on training conducted by certified professional trainers who have achieved a high level of intellect. Some eyebrows training institutions require the trainee to purchase the Eyebrow Extension Starter Kit while others provide it during the training sessions.

2. Theory Work

Upon registering for eyebrow extension training, the trainees learn the basics and the theory work before getting into hands-on practice. The physiology and structure of the brow are some of the topics as well as the safety practices, precautions to take, and first aid. The trainers are eager to teach learners about the various marketing and pricing methods to use in the business world. Hair removal and shaping may sometimes go against the client’s needs leading to series of lawsuits. Therefore, a training institution includes the legal aspects of the industry on their training courses.

3. Hands-on Practice

The trainers proceed with the hands-on training after a completion of the theory work. The method involves learning about the right posture and positions while handling brows. The professionals also teach on various techniques involved in the application of eyebrows extensions. The training course includes styling different eyebrow shapes, alignment, corrections, removal, and refills of extensions. Eyebrow extension requires extra care, which trainees get to learn before the training ends.

4. Summary

The United States and Canada laws require certification from the practitioners that indicate the details of completion of eyebrow extension training. Additionally, some institutions may require prior training in cosmetology or other related courses as well as insurance coverage before enrollment in their institutions. Therefore, it would be ideal checking all the requirements before registration for a training session with any institution. You can always learn more at the SugarLash website.

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