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Friday, July 8, 2016

How To Avoid Gaining Weight Again After Lap Band Surgery

LAP BAND surgery is a procedure in which a small band made out of silicone is gently wrapped around the top part of a patient’s stomach. The band is made out of silicone and it is placed with a surgical instrument called a laparoscope. During the surgery, a device called a reservoir (or port) is inserted under the skin of the abdomen. The lap band is adjustable and the port is used post-surgery to tighten the band if needed. Lap band surgery is an excellent alternative to a gastric balloon as well as gastric sleeve surgery.

Am I A Good Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery?
Weight loss surgery is a solution for people who are considered to be clinically obese. If you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 35 – 40, then you may be a good candidate for weight loss surgery.

How Does Gastric Banding Weight Loss Surgery Work?
The band can be adjusted to meet an individual patient’s unique needs. This is achieved by utilizing the port located beneath the skin of the abdomen to add saline to the band. This is carried out in order to fill the band up until it is tight enough to be effective for a patient.

Lap band surgery decreases the size of a patient’s stomach significantly. The result is that the patient feels full fast because the stomach is not able to hold as much food. The band also helps slow down food leaving the stomach and entering the digestive system.

How To Avoid Weight Gain After Surgery
Most patients are able to keep off at least 50% of their weight on a long-term basis. Weight gain depends on many factors, some of which you can control and some you cannot. Some of these factors are your weight prior to surgery, alcohol and drug abuse issues, overall poor support system, and the state of your mental health before / after surgery.

These issues are not incredibly common among patients. Usually, food urges are resolved in part or in full after surgery. One of the big secrets of how to keep weight off permanently after surgery is to create lasting lifestyle changes.

How To Increase Your Weight Loss Success Rate:

  • Create a new relationship with food and adjust your eating habits
  • Give health and fitness priority in your life
  • Join a weight loss support group for post-op support
  • Create a health team of experts to support you in addition to support groups
  • Before surgery, try to cut down on binge eating as much as possible
  • Seek treatment if you have alcohol or drug abuse issues
  • Try to shed as many pounds as possible before surgery
  • Follow all recommendations from your doctor
  • Contact your doctor if you experience uncontrollable food urges
  • Seek out continued nutritional education and counseling
  • Contact your doctor if you feel your pouch is enlarged
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