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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

4 Ways Wholesale Diamonds May Be Right For You

Diamond Ring

If you are looking for truly unique diamond earrings for a wearer with eclectic taste, and are just not finding the perfect pair in any of the usual jewelry stores, consider going wholesale for these reasons.



Perusing the whole sale diamond market will lead you to the largest variety of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight imaginable, as inventory will go almost infinitely beyond what you will find in most fine jewelry stores. Whole sale diamonds can easily be brought to a jewelry store to be placed in the perfect pre-made setting, or can be brought to a jewelry designer for a pair of diamond earrings more tailored to the good sensibilities of the recipient. The wholesale market can save you money as well, often costing less per carat than what you might expect to pay at the finest jewelry stores.


Purchasing diamonds whole sale ensures the greatest accessibility to the stone you’re looking for. For example, many retail locations may carry a few dozen pairs of diamond earrings at the most. Shopping on the whole sale diamond market opens the possibility to literally thousands of available diamonds of endless variety. Whether you’re looking to make a quick and easy choice, or you’re willing to spend some time shopping for inspiration, you know that when you find the perfect stone, it will be available, and it will be available now.


Whole sale diamonds are a fantastic value compared to retail pricing. The markup on a diamond at an independent jewelry store can be upwards of 100% or more. Jewelry stores with high-traffic mall locations may mark their diamonds up as much as 200% or more. Where does that money go? It goes toward things like rent or mortgage on a retail space, employee salaries, marketing, insurance and security, as well as the perfect lighting to make those stones sparkle, drawing customers into the store. Whole sale diamond brokers have a fraction of the overhead as a retail location, allowing you to purchase diamonds at a much lower cost


Building on the cost savings, you may also want to consider purchasing wholesale diamonds as an investment. Some studies suggest that diamonds may not be a good investment, but those studies only take retail pricing into account, rather than the significantly lower price you’ll pay for whole sale diamonds. A diamond purchased in 1960 for $3,000 can be worth as much as ten times that amount today. High quality well-priced diamonds can be a fantastic investment, provided you shop around for the best value.

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