Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Eyelash Extension Training Tips


There are times when something comes along and takes the beauty industry by storm. Eyelash extensions currently holds that top spot, and it does not seem to be letting go of its grip on the industry.
To accommodate the unbelievable demand, there has been just as rapid an increase in the number of eyelash extension courses offered.

Improvements have been made to the types of eyelash extensions used, as well as to the types of eyelash extension training offered. Below are some of the newest improvements to the typical eyelash application training programs offered.

Online training

Online training is now available for those who are pressed for time and cannot afford to sit in a traditional classroom type setting for multiple hours. It has also become an alternative for individuals who may wish to be trained by an expert who is not geographically available to them.

The types of online training that’s readily available comes in the forms of DVD’s, skype classes and pre-recorded lessons, which can be streamed at the viewer’s convenience.
These programs still offer standard certifications to those who complete the courses of study, but offer a way for trainers to easily reach more students.

Short term or 2 day training

Many professional trainers now offer 2 day training courses or some other form of short term program. These should be done in a hands-on environment and they usually involve application on live clients. The training programs offering this type of quick turnaround are most commonly offered to people who are already certified, either as estheticians or as cosmetologists.

Short term programs will not provide as much actual application practice as other longer termed programs might. However, the basis of this type of offering is built around convenience for already otherwise qualified students.

If you are looking to offer this type of eyelash extension training program, be sure to require some type of prior beauty industry qualification or licensure, as a prerequisite.

Non-licensed training

Training for those who are not licensed in any category of the beauty industry may sound scary, but it does not have to be. The training professionals that provide certification to those individuals, just need to ensure they employ highly trained and qualified teachers, who specialize in teaching the proper technique of eyelash extension application, to those who may be unfamiliar with client interactions and other beauty service basics.

Training can be tailored to meet the needs of just about any student who is interested in learning about eyelash extensions. Be mindful of the students you want to attract and focus on the type of training that best suits the type of student you would like to train

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