Tuesday, November 24, 2015

June Julep Maven Box (Boho Glam)


It has been quite some time since I opted in to receive my monthly Julep Maven Box.    I have gotten to a point where I have quite a large number of polishes and therefore, have become more picky about what I purchase.  I don’t want repeating colors and that can easily happen with what I’ve already got.  With that said, however, neither of the colors in my box are out-of-this-world unique.  BUT, I’ll explain why I opted in in just a moment.

My style profile is set as “Boho Glam.”  You do have the option to switch your box to another style.  In the past I have picked other boxes and occasionally stick with my pre-selection style profile.  It just depends on my mood and the colors for each month. For June I did stick with my profile.  In my box were two polish colors and a lippie. (there were also 2 lollipops tossed in as a bonus “gift” kind of item)

The colors in my box are Manda and Isabela.   As I said, it has been a while since I’ve gotten a box.  I suppose I was having a tiny touch of polish withdrawal. I haven’t polish shopped in quite some time and had a bit of an itch. While these colors aren’t crazy or especially unique, they were just interesting enough for me to take the plunge. Manda is unique to my stash in that she is a very, very pale minty green with a golden flash to her.  I can’t think of anything in my collection that would be a dupe.  Isabela, on the other hand, I think I could closely dupe.  But that is what made me curious.  I love Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue (original formula).  That one, though, has been reformulated to a much less interesting version of itself. This looks quite similar to the original formula and I wanted to swatch them side by side to test that thought. We’ll see.  I haven’t played with it yet.

The lip color for June could be changed out to your color of choice.  There were four, I believe, to select from.  I chose Poppy as it seemed the most flattering for my skin coloring.  I have only slapped it on once and very lightly at that.  It did give my lips a more red, blushed color but nothing insane.  It was a very nice day-wear kind of lip product.  It would be very pretty paired with simple mascara and some blush in a complimenting shade.

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