Tuesday, November 24, 2015

December Julep Maven Box


Today my December box from Julep arrived in my mailbox.  I was more excited about the “extra” product than the actual polish in this box.   That hardly ever (IF ever) happens.


As usual, the box was packaged lovely.  The box was silver this month instead of the regular black.  Inside it had white tissue paper with glitter sprinkled on it.  The shredded paper on the inside was purple.


Let’s go ahead and discuss the polishes.  I chose the Classic With A Twist box.  This consisted of two polishes in the colors Jillian (the berry color) and Mia (the green-tinged gold).


Mia is a micro fine shimmer polish that leans mostly gold but in certain lights/at certain angles you can see it has hints of green.  It almost has that old, tarnished gold look to it.  It is pretty but nothing out of this world.  It is just different enough, though, for me to justify owning it.


Jillian was a bit darker than I expected.  It is a berry micro shimmer polish that will show its greenish duochrome when angled just right.  It is lovely, I’m just hoping it shows better once on the nails.


The non polish product in my box this month was their eyeshadow palette.  Most people weren’t too thrilled to see this show up on the preview.  I, however, was very curious.   I have more than enough neutral eyeshadows, but something was pulling at me to select a box with this in it.  Ya know, cause a girl can never have too many golds, taupes, browns, tans, creams, etc.  HAHA!


The palette isn’t very large.  There are 5 shadows inside and each pan only holds .02 oz/.6 g.  It is right around the size of a deluxe sample.  It isn’t outside their norm, though.  Their polish is already half the size of a regular polish (yet holds a retail value of $14) and any time they add non polish products they seem to be rather small (ie: smaller than the norm).



Sorry for the finger print in the pan.  I had to rephotograph this one after I had swatched and then uploaded the photos.  I saw that the pan shot didn’t turn out right.  DANG IT!



These are swatched on the underside of my arm with no primer underneath.
While the colors don’t blow me away, it is rare for that to happen anymore for me.  I do really like them, though, and am excited to actually test them on my eyes.
I do want to note that none of them are mattes, so if you are like me and need at least one matte for highlighting and toning down the shimmer (no matter how micro fine that it is) you’ll still need an additional shadow pulled out to create your look.


Julep will often throw in a freebie.  Sometimes it is a lip balm or a candy, etc.  It is never anything too big.  But sometimes they’re pretty dang fantastic.  This time we got some of the hair ties that are supposed to be more gentle on the hair and not leave dents.  I don’t know if everyone got different colors or we all received the same, but I have a silver and a lavender.  I’m LOVING these!  These babies are going into my hospital bag for Labor & Delivery, too.  They’ll be handy to have on hand.


If you are interested in Julep products and would like to receive a subscription box each month with nail polishes (and sometimes other products, if you select that box), you can sign up here: JOIN JULEP MAVEN.  To receive your first box free (you will be asked to pay for shipping this first time, though) key in FREEBOX. Please be aware that in signing up for your free box, you are agreeing that you are signing up to join the subscription service as well.  

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