Monday, June 11, 2012

Wet n Wild: Sugar Coat

This is one of the new(ish) Wet n Wild Megalast polishes in the color Sugar Coat.  I wanted this one after seeing several posts hauling/swatching it.  It also seemed like it could be a nice dupe for Julep's Penelope. (another post on that for another day)  While I do like this polish, I'm not sure that I'm loving it nearly as much as everyone else who has been wearing it.

I love the soft pink coloring of this polish.  It is that perfect milky, pale pink that is so hard to obtain. A lot of pale pinks are so sheer you have to layer 4+ coats to see it or they oxidize as they dry and you end up with a darker pink than you anticipated.  All sounds good, right?  

 Well, I'm wearing two coats and there is still streaking which shows.  A third coat may have fixed this but I didn't want a heavy layer of polish gooped onto my nails.  That is another thing that is a bit odd about this polish.  It has a thin consistency yet on the nails it quickly looks heavy.  It is very strange.  

I will leave my feelings for this polish as liking it but not necessarily loving it.  There are qualities I enjoy and at the same time issues that make me curse this polish.  Because so many people are loving this particular one, though, I will say it is worth looking at for yourself and trying out.  The price isn't bad, especially if you get it on sale (then it is fantastic), so you aren't really out anything if you don't end up liking it.


  1. This is a really pretty neutral!

  2. I really do love this but what do you think it will look like on someone more darker/caramel? BTW Love the shape of your nails!


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