Thursday, May 17, 2012

Julep: Penelope

This beauty is Julep Penelope.  This was the polish I used as the base of my Gilded Pink manicure.  I had previously seen it featured on blogs and instantly fell in love.  It is hard to find a super pale pink that isn't extremely sheer. This one fits the bill for staying light and not taking 4+ coats to get to this point.

Several people tried to warn me about this polish and talk me out of buying it.  I'm glad I went forward with ordering a previous box that included it because I'm fairly certain this is now my favorite pale, milky pink polish.  I really wouldn't mind getting another bottle of it to have on hand.

Penelope is nearly as pale of a pink that you can get before you hit white.  It is a creme finish, which I love.  It has the ability to make your nails/fingers look dainty, feminine, and so classy!  CLASSY FINGERS!  LOL! Julep says, "opaque, almost white with a hint of blush."

The consistency was nice.  It was neither too thick, nor too thin.  However, the first coat will leave you with some streaks, so I suggest a second coat to smooth everything over.  I am wearing two coats in the photos, here.

If you are someone who enjoys very light pinks but has struggled with finding one pale enough, not too sheer, and doesn't oxidize as it dries....seriously, try this polish.  I'm amazed by it. 

Julep is running yet another penny promo, if you are interested.  Your intro box would be one penny (free shipping).  Your regular scheduled box will remain the standard price, though.  Just FOLLOW THE LINK and take their style quiz.  That will help to determine which set of colors they feel would be most suited to you. While there, may I suggest picking up a bottle of Penelope?  :-)


  1. I love this colour. It's so pretty and girly.

  2. This isn't normally a color I am a fan of but it's soooo pretty and feminine!

  3. Lady, that's amazingly opaque for two coats! Great buy! Classy!


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