Friday, April 13, 2012

Zoya: Perrie

This beauty is Perrie.  She was part of Zoya's Flash collection from 2010.  Zoya describes this polish as a "beautiful, soft and glossy lavender."  It definitely has some strong red undertones to it.  This is the kind of color that I'm drawn to, but once I put it on I don't feel it compliments my coloring very well.   All the same, I keep wearing it. Also, it is a creme finish.  There are no shimmers, pearl, duo-chrome, glitter, etc. to this color.

As with most Zoya polishes, Perrie went on like a dream.  It was very smooth and opaque.  I didn't experience any pooling into the cuticles or dragging as each brush stroke went down the nail.  Two coats is what you see in these photos.  If you are careful with application, you may be able to get away with one.  I, however, did 2 for the sake of the photos and also to be 100% certain everything was smoothed over. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being sheer and 5 being opaque), Zoya rates this a 3.  I'm going to go against that, though, and say it is more like a 4.  That was my experience, anyway.

This color is so perfect for spring, in my opinion! It doesn't fit into the typical pastels or this years trend of neons, but it reminds me of blooming flowers so I automatically associate the color with spring.

You can order your own bottle of Perrie here:  Right now they are giving a FREE bottle of polish (your choice of color) when you sign up through someone's referral link. Also, if you add a second bottle to your order, you'll receive free shipping.  Basically, two bottles of polish for $8.00 instead of $16.00 plus shipping. What's an added bonus on top of that? Once you sign up, you can start accumulating "Share The Love" points.  You can find out more about that HERE!


  1. I don't have this Zoya but it's really pretty! I love how dusty it looks!

  2. LOVE this shade. I already have a Zoya account - I guess for anyone to get points off my purchases, I would need to open a new account. I need a blog so I can show off my horrible nubs of nails as they are 80% of the time - despite I adore polishing them, 2) have blog sales to get rid of this HUGE over-sock of dup colors I have horded then work on getting rid of my untrieds and also ones that just need a new home 3)meet some fun folks & 4) get my own Zoya link to have folks sign up under me to share the love!


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