Sunday, March 22, 2015

Polish Absence

Holy moly!  It has been a very long time.  I haven't worn polish in well over a year now.  I had decided to stop polishing my nails towards the end of my pregnancy as I was exhausted and just didn't have it in me to dedicate those days to sitting and polishing and changing it out when it chipped.  I was focused on just getting through the pregnancy comfortably.  Then, after my baby was born, I chose to avoid polishing for numerous reasons.  I didn't want the fumes from the polish anywhere near the baby, I didn't honestly have the time to paint with a newborn, and then as she got older, she started teething and would chew on my fingers....  And really, I can say I won't be polishing as frequently as I had been (2-3 times per week), but I plan to occasionally get some color on my tips and will post as I can. 

Yesterday I decided to bust out some spring colored polish to brighten my nails.  I selected For Audrey by China Glaze, which I know I have posted about (probably a couple of times) in the past.  I opted to do an accent nail with OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise. 

It was very strange seeing color on my nails after so long.  But, it was also refreshing to see the shine on them.  I kept flashing them at my husband and saying, "Ohhh!  Look at that SHINE!  They're so GLOSSY!"  Hahaha!

Clearly, they are a far cry from perfection.  I didn't even bother with the full treatment as I used to.  My baby was napping so I slapped on some polish and called it a day.  There was no cleaning up on the edges or taking my time. I didn't trim and shape my nails, either.  They aren't exactly blog ready, but for my day to day life...  no one is looking and analyzing.  I call that a win.  :-)

While I haven't been polishing my nails this past 1+ year, I have been taking on some fun baby/kid/around the house projects that I will likely post and share on my other blog.  The last I can recall having posted over there was about DIY nursing tank tops.  That went swimmingly well!  I'm still using them, in fact!  You can check that out here:  DIY Nursing Tank Tops and keep an eye out for some other projects!

Friday, May 9, 2014

May Julep Maven Box

Long time no blog post!  As some of you may know, I took quite a long break from any blogging.  At the tail end of my pregnancy I wasn't feeling great and needed to focus on my family as well as myself.  After the birth of my baby, I felt like I just needed to continue to focus my energy on the family.  I'm sure you can understand.  Life always must take precedence.   Hey, I've also updated my second blog.  Some of you may be interested.  I certainly don't expect everyone to be, though.  It is a post on converting a normal tank top into a nursing tank top.   You can take a peek at that: HERE!

I have gotten several of my monthly Julep boxes since I've been gone but I will only post right now about my most recent one.  I got this in the mail about a week ago.  Forgive me for the delayed post on it.  I changed my box to the "It Girl" box.  Though I'm sure I have colors just like these already, I was a sucker.  Plus, this month they said you'd receive double the Jules if you opted to accept your box.  (which, I didn't get double...  I still need to make a phone call about that....)

This first color is called Kam.  She is a lovely, soft mint green.  She will be perfect to wear this spring.  I love these types of aqua-mint kind of shades.  They just scream warm weather and flowers blossoming to me.

This second polish is Jules.  She is a pastel peachy-pink (don't you hate the description "peachy-pink"?)  But, that is what Jules is!  I have a feeling Jules will be sheer and will need 3 coats to even be semi opaque.

My box also included their new Plie Wand.  It is supposed to make polishing your own nails easier as you aren't gripping a tiny polish lid.  We'll see. I don't really have trouble, but I'm sure some will find it absolutely amazing.  For me, personally, I have a feeling it will be more of a nuisance than anything else. 

Did you get a Julep box this month?  If so, let me know which you received and what your thoughts are on the colors!  If you aren't already a Maven, you can sign up through this referral link: CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MAVEN!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quick Update!

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to put up a quick post just to let you know that I realize I haven't been active on my blogs for the last month.  I am at the tail end of my pregnancy and have run into some small issues that have made it difficult for me to keep up at the moment.  I haven't disappeared or abandoned either of my blogs.  I just want to comfortably and safely make it through this last portion of my pregnancy, likely need a bit of recovery time, find a new balance with an addition to the family, and I will get back to my usual postings.

I do have a couple of posts that have been photographed already, but not typed up.  If I get some time and energy, I may post those.

Please understand, though, that I am quite drained at the moment and have my hands extremely full with general life and being a mother and wife already....  there are day to day things I am also managing. I will start posting again, however, before you know it!  :-)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Glitter Waterfall

I have seen quite a few "waterfall" manicures recently.  They're all quite lovely and inspiring.  I wanted to give it a try, too, but with some densely packed glitter polishes.  This ended up being the finished result.

I used all Milani glitters for the stripes of colors.  These are the polishes I selected:
  • Red Sparkle
  • Purple Gleam
  • Gold Glitz
  • Blue Flash
These were layered over a base color.  The polish I selected to do that job was Orly Black Vinyl. It is a matte finish.  I felt that the glitter finish over a matte finish would be striking.  

The problem that I ran into was that the glitter polishes are very rough.  It was rather obnoxious.  They were catching in my hair, and picking at the fibers of clothing.  I wouldn't be able to wear this manicure with it doing that.  

My solution was to take a thin brush and swipe clear top coat only over the areas that had glitter.  As you can imagine, this wasn't entirely easy seeing as each glitter stripe was a different length down the nail.  I managed a pretty decent job, but as you can see, there are some areas where the clear ended up extending beyond the glitter.

Considering the base was a matte polish, this wore extremely well.  I didn't have any chipping for many days.  I would like to do this again but more holiday themed. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Julep Maven Box

Today my December box from Julep arrived in my mailbox.  I was more excited about the "extra" product than the actual polish in this box.   That hardly ever (IF ever) happens.  

As usual, the box was packaged lovely.  The box was silver this month instead of the regular black.  Inside it had white tissue paper with glitter sprinkled on it.  The shredded paper on the inside was purple.

Let's go ahead and discuss the polishes.  I chose the Classic With A Twist box.  This consisted of two polishes in the colors Jillian (the berry color) and Mia (the green-tinged gold).

Mia is a micro fine shimmer polish that leans mostly gold but in certain lights/at certain angles you can see it has hints of green.  It almost has that old, tarnished gold look to it.  It is pretty but nothing out of this world.  It is just different enough, though, for me to justify owning it.

Jillian was a bit darker than I expected.  It is a berry micro shimmer polish that will show its greenish duochrome when angled just right.  It is lovely, I'm just hoping it shows better once on the nails.

The non polish product in my box this month was their eyeshadow palette.  Most people weren't too thrilled to see this show up on the preview.  I, however, was very curious.   I have more than enough neutral eyeshadows, but something was pulling at me to select a box with this in it.  Ya know, cause a girl can never have too many golds, taupes, browns, tans, creams, etc.  HAHA!

The palette isn't very large.  There are 5 shadows inside and each pan only holds .02 oz/.6 g.  It is right around the size of a deluxe sample.  It isn't outside their norm, though.  Their polish is already half the size of a regular polish (yet holds a retail value of $14) and any time they add non polish products they seem to be rather small (ie: smaller than the norm).

Sorry for the finger print in the pan.  I had to rephotograph this one after I had swatched and then uploaded the photos.  I saw that the pan shot didn't turn out right.  DANG IT!

These are swatched on the underside of my arm with no primer underneath.
While the colors don't blow me away, it is rare for that to happen anymore for me.  I do really like them, though, and am excited to actually test them on my eyes.  

I do want to note that none of them are mattes, so if you are like me and need at least one matte for highlighting and toning down the shimmer (no matter how micro fine that it is) you'll still need an additional shadow pulled out to create your look.  

Julep will often throw in a freebie.  Sometimes it is a lip balm or a candy, etc.  It is never anything too big.  But sometimes they're pretty dang fantastic.  This time we got some of the hair ties that are supposed to be more gentle on the hair and not leave dents.  I don't know if everyone got different colors or we all received the same, but I have a silver and a lavender.  I'm LOVING these!  These babies are going into my hospital bag for Labor & Delivery, too.  They'll be handy to have on hand.

If you are interested in Julep products and would like to receive a subscription box each month with nail polishes (and sometimes other products, if you select that box), you can sign up here: JOIN JULEP MAVEN.  To receive your first box free (you will be asked to pay for shipping this first time, though) key in FREEBOX. Please be aware that in signing up for your free box, you are agreeing that you are signing up to join the subscription service as well.  

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